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Etiquette (in the modern image)

  • If unavailable for any future date, add name to Unavailability List.

  • Be aware of venue, dress, and arrival / start time for any match when selected.

  • Ensure you bring the right equipment for the position that you are playing in.

  • Ensure your bowls have appropriate stickers on them.

  • Be conversant with the laws of the sport, and any local regulations.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early; this saves the captain ringing up to see if you have left yet.

  • Introduce yourself to opponents and shake hands / fist pump / elbow touch before and after the game.

  • Follow the instructions of skips even if you disagree with them, but by all means discuss it with them.

  • Stand quietly at least one yard behind the mat when the opposition are bowling.

  • Stay quiet and still behind the head when the opposition are delivering a bowl; especially do not 'talk' an opponents bowl into an adverse ending.

  • If following your delivered bowl up the green:

    • do not roam into next rink

    • arrive back at the mat or behind the head before your bowl finishes

  • Directions to the skip and determination of the result of each end is the sole responsibility of the number 3 in rinks and number 2 in triples.

  • When walking up the green to change ends keep to the centre of the rink when adjacent rinks are being used.

  • Kick back or use the pusher to move the woods back at the completion of an end. Don't always leave it to the others.

  • Ensure the scoreboard(s) are kept up to date so that the rest of the team and the spectators know the overall game position

  • If you have to leave the green for any reason, please ask both skips' permission.

  • Always praise good play by your team mates, and acknowledge exceptional play by the opposition.

  • Do not be aggressive towards antagonistic opponents. Ignore them or learn the art of repartee!

  • Enjoy your game.

  • Always assist with putting away all the equipment at a home game.

  • Always offer to buy your opponent a drink at the end of the game.

  • At home games, it is considered ill-mannered to leave the club before your opponent without good reason.

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