Short Mat News

Leagues 2022-23

A meeting is to be held on Tuesday May 3rd  at 7.00pm in the clubhouse where arrangements for next year's short mat calendar will be made. All short mat players are asked to attend so that all views are taken into account and the appropriate number of teams and league entries are calculated.

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Club Triples Tournament

The club triples tournament was held over the weekend of 11th and 12th December. Winners of the tournament were Charles Stewart, Merllyn McGuire, and Mike Benger, who made the final  by winning the Saturday qualifier. Runners up were Melonie Quinn, Alan Jones, and David Coles who won the Sunday qualifiers.

2021 Club Shortmat Triples Winners - Charles Stewart, Merlyn McGuire, Mike Benger
2021 Club Shortmat Triples Finalists - Dave Coles, Melonie Quinn, Alan Jones